A Message from the PCN and COVID 19 Resources for Pediatric Chaplains

Our Message

This is a tumultuous time and goes without saying. I know many of you through email and many of you through meeting you at conferences. You are all deeply appreciated as colleagues, and I feel mentored and held by all of you in our great work of pediatric chaplaincy during this worldwide pandemic. There is a lot of weight on your shoulders, bearing the stress and worries of patients, families, administrators, your own families and friends, and of course yourself! I am feeling, as I imagine you are feeling, the painful challenges of changing the modes of my work, feeling isolated even at work from staff and families I strive to care for, and being stuck in trying uncertainty and near constant changes at my facility as we wait on more coming cases. Yet I feel hopeful and held in part because of you and your presence!

I’m sure you are feeling some of this, and probably feeling all sorts of other things too.  We stand with you, alongside of you, sharing in your uncertainty, sharing in your concern, sharing in your hope, and sharing this road together, whatever it brings.  And we know that as you always do, you will find ways to care, serve, and lead in exactly the ways you need to.  We are sending our love and holding you in our hearts today.

– James Denham, PCN Advisory Council Secretary (2020)

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