Statement on School Shootings in the United States

“Guns were the leading cause of death among children and teens in 2020, accounting for more deaths than COVID-19, car crashes, or cancers.”                                                          – The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions The Pediatric Chaplains Network grieves for the loss of life as well as the semblance of safety for those seeking an education and […]

PCN Statement on Black Lives Matter, anti-racism and the mission of Pediatric Spiritual Care

“The Pediatric Chaplains Network honors, includes, and advocates for all members and all persons served by our members. We uphold the inherent dignity of every human person. We embrace the unique gifts of all persons, individually and collectively, as they relate to identity, orientation, socio-economic status, accessibility, ethnicity, culture, ability, spirituality, and belief.” –The PCN […]

A Message from the PCN and COVID 19 Resources for Pediatric Chaplains

Our Message This is a tumultuous time and goes without saying. I know many of you through email and many of you through meeting you at conferences. You are all deeply appreciated as colleagues, and I feel mentored and held by all of you in our great work of pediatric chaplaincy during this worldwide pandemic. […]