pediatric chaplains network​
pediatric chaplains network​


The Pediatric Chaplain’s Network—Research Committee (PCN-RC) aims to serve the PCN in three key ways:

  • to PROVIDE resources that educate pediatric chaplains and interested disciplines in research literacy;
  • to PROMOTE active research projects in pediatric chaplaincy by supporting PCN members and their collaborators as they do so;
  • and to ADVOCATE for research in chaplaincy and spirituality in healthcare that are specifically oriented to the pediatric setting.

In the near future, please check this web-page for content related to research literature, publications, guides to search-engines, academic journals and relevant articles. We will also have a members-only section that offers templates for specific kinds of research, how-to guides for getting started, networking opportunities for those interested in specific research topics, and valuable resources to support our members.

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