It is time to Join for 2024!

Whether you are a first-time or renewing member, the Pediatric Chaplains Network wants you to be part of the group that enhances the spiritual care of children and families in healthcare. We do this through education, research, and innovation of practices within the context of a supportive community. We Welcome You!


We recently asked some current PCN members, “What do you get from your PCN membership?” 

“. . . a chance to help other pediatric chaplains grow—and to grow myself.”
“. . . networking, ideas, support, a chance to bounce ideas off other chaplains . . . .”
“. . . an opportunity to be with people who know what we do, understand what we do, and do what we do.”
“. . . stimulating interaction with professionals who share a vision for quality pediatric chaplaincy”
“. . . [to be] with others who know and understand my trenches.”
“. . . camaraderie, new friends, support and wisdom.”
“. . . a safe place to grow, learn and be in compassionate relationship.”

In addition, as a member of the Pediatric Chaplains Network you:

  • Support PCN initiatives in continuing education, spiritual care research, and collaboration and support among chaplains;
  • Gain access to the Members Only section of the PCN website;
  • Receive a discounted registration fee for the annual PCN Annual Conference;
  • Have voting privileges at the annual PCN Business Meeting;
  • Become eligible for election to leadership positions in the organization;
  • Have access to a large and supportive community through the Annual Conference, Pediatric Chaplains Institute, meaningful networking, research collaboration opportunities, and website & listserv resources.

Membership in the non-profit Pediatric Chaplains Network is a way of joining with an international community of Pediatric Chaplains and supporters of our ministry and mission. Annual membership dues help support the National Conference, Pediatric Chaplains Institute, meaningful networking, research programs, website & listserv resources, and many other opportunities for education and fellowship. We invite you into membership in a community that believes in advocating and inspiring innovative pediatric chaplaincy through our energies and gifts.

Please consider membership in PCN and partner with us to promote excellence in pediatric chaplaincy. Membership is open to all pediatric chaplains and to others interested in pediatric chaplaincy and supportive of the mission and purpose of the PCN.

Individual membership for the calendar year 2024 is $95. A retired chaplain membership and a student membership are also available for $40. Simply complete and submit the brief form on the Membership Form page of our website. Or, download the printable form, complete it (see next featured item on this page), and mail it to us at: 

Pediatric Chaplains Network
262 West Main Street
Wales, WI 53183

Payments can be made by PayPal (from our website) or by mailing a check with the membership form to the address above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Erin Babb-Krasowski
PCN President

The Institutional Membership: A Way to Partner with PCN and Invest in the Future of Pediatric Spiritual Care.

The Institutional Membership will allow PCN to sustain an ambitious expansion of its mission to provide education, research, and collaboration for chaplains throughout the nation.

The Institutional Membership offers organizations a way to signal their commitment to pediatric spiritual care and bear witness to its important contribution to patient and family-centered healthcare. Institutional Members are pioneering partners whose investment in pediatric chaplaincy assures the profession is ready to address the spiritual challenges that confront children, their caregivers, and their healthcare providers, now and in the future.

The original amount for dues to become an Institutional Member was $5,000. In response to limitations caused by the global health crisis, the 2021 dues were $2,500 and benefits for 2021 were altered to reflect the need to utilize virtual opportunities. The dues and benefits were adjusted in 2022 and 2023. PCN is returning to the original $5000 rate starting in 2024. 

2024: The annual dues of $5,000 entitles the Institutional Member to significant benefits:

  • The waiver of the Individual Membership dues for each chaplain it employs (a value of $95 per person);
  • The waiver of the PCN Virtual Research Symposium registration for individuals within the institution (a $40+ value per person);
  • The waiver of the National Conference registration for one chaplain (more than a $450 value);
  • The waiver of tuition for one chaplain per year to the Pediatric Chaplains Institute (a $1,000 value);
  • Public recognition on the website, on printed materials, and on screen at the National Conference;
  • Public recognition of its member chaplains at the annual Business Meeting.

For additional information on Institutional Membership for your hospital, please contact PCN President Erin Babb-Krasowski.

2024 Institutional Members 

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