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By: Lavender Kelly & Lindsay Bona – October 12, 2017

The Pediatric Chaplains Network have helped to develop a therapeutic play kit with the Wilbert Foundation. Through the Foundation’s generosity, Bertie Bear kits are available at no cost to grief care providers and other therapeutic care professionals.

Each Bertie Bear kit comes with the bear in a fold out “home,” a magnetic white board, coloring book, stickers, and more. The activities are appropriate for children ages 4 and up and can provide them different modes of expression depending upon what is needed on a given day. In vetting this kit, chaplains have used this tool in situations ranging from coping with chronic illness to traumatic loss.

We believe Bertie Bear may be helpful to you and hope you will consider utilizing this functional, high-quality therapeutic play kit.

Information on ordering sets of Bertie Bear can be found on the Wilbert Foundation website:
I am also happy to help connect you or provide you with useful guidance on implementation.

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