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2018 PCN National Conference

  • Theme: Compelling Voices: Starting Conversation that Matter
  • Place: Loyola on the Potomac Retreat Center – Washington, DC
  • Date: May 21-24, 2018

As chaplains, we listen, advocate, and are part of important conversations every day. How are you listening to compelling voices? What conversations and discussion have you started or are a part of that are making a difference? How are you advocating for patients, families, and staff? We hope the backdrop of our next location will inspire you consider sharing how compelling voices in your practice are challenging and changing your pediatric chaplaincy!

The PCN National Conference will be in the Washington, DC at the beautiful Loyola on the Potomac Retreat Center.
We hope you will plan to attend and consider sharing your expertise with professional colleagues by providing leadership in one of the following ways: 

Theme Presentations (60-90 minutes):
The PCN Advisory Council invites presentation proposals that address the conference theme Compelling Voices: Starting Conversation that Matter in relationship to children, caregivers, chaplains, and/or other hospital staff. Do you have information or research that may lead to important insights, inspire new clinical practices, or foster professional collaboration?

Interest Groups (60 minutes):
Though not necessarily theme-related, interest groups provide opportunity for participants to gather in smaller break-out sessions to explore topics of common interest. Do you have a workshop you’d like to lead, a program you’d like to introduce, or a discussion you’d like to facilitate?

Developmental Presentation: Preschoolers (60 minutes):
The 2017 conference will include one session on the spiritual care of preschoolers. Do you have special insight, unique skills, or practices that inform your care with this age level?

Deadline for proposals is November 3, 2017.

Email proposals using the attached form to Lindsay Bona, PCN President Elect (bonal@med.umich.edu ).
You will receive a confirmation of receipt email within 48 hours.

Questions? Email Lindsay Bona or Lavender Kelley, PCN President (lkelley2@childrensnational.org )

Download the Presentation Proposal form now:

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